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The Maverick's Manifesto at 70

Celebrating seventy years of life is akin to looking back over an expansive terrain of experiences, rich with the triumphs of unorthodox existence. It is a profound introspection of a spirit that charted a course through the wilderness of nonconformity and reveled in the majestic landscapes of innovation and rebellion.

Here lies the testament of a soul unyielding to societal demands for acquiescence, whose heart beats a rhythm that defies ordinary expectations.

  • A Rebel in Harmony: With a pulse that dances to its own lively beat, not once subdued by the hush of conformity. What significance does this land to seven bold decades, marked by a striking resistance to acceptance? The power lies in an unwavering stand against mediocrity, a robust unstopping belief in the might of self-belief over public opinion.

  • Experiences Over Possessions: A life measured not by a ledger of savings but rather by the abundance of experiences. The pursuit has never been about amassing wealth safeguarded—instead, it was the richness of knowledge, relationships, and self-discovery that constituted the true hoard.

  • The Vitality of Disruption: A whisper in the wind or a howling gale? An existence that shunned the lull of tranquility to rouse the status quo and catalyze change. Where others seek refuge in calm, it's within the hurricane of transformation that true change agents find their calling.

  • The Rule of Self-Mastery: With every turn around the sun, there is a kindling of the need for power; not to dominate but to rise to the sovereignty of self-victory. For what is power if not the mastery of one's fate, the reins firmly in hand as we gallop toward our destiny?

  • A Gourmet of Life's Riches: To eat is to partake in the very essences of existence, indulging the senses and celebrating the presence of variety in the buffet of life. Apologies, never needed for savoring each morsel as if it were the first; joyous appreciation in every bite.

  • The Binding Connections: Relationships have emerged as living networks, pulsating with energy. It's not just faces in a crowd, but the makers and shapers of worlds, drawing together narratives that entwine into a grand human story.

  • The Flame of Inquiry: And the spark that sets the blaze—the unquenchable curiosity—a light shining defiantly in the caverns of the unknown. Year after year spent unraveling the cosmic puzzles laid before us, in a quest for clarity that burns brighter with age.

My Reiss Motivation Profile

This is a homage—a declaration on my 70th birthday—not to the dusk of days but to the dawn of potential.

An invitation to you, wanderer of untraveled paths, to join in the symphony and compose your own prelude to the music yet to play out, to carve your mark on an age defined not by surrender to the known but an exploration of the vast unknown.

In the act of blowing out the candles, my wish transcends personal want—it becomes a dare, a beckon to you, kindred spirit. To stand with a mirrored gaze upon your desires, to channel the courage to match that gaze, to recognize the revolutionary lying within—an architect poised to reshape the understanding of our world.

Forward we go, pioneers of the undefinable frontier. This story, it is clear, is just commencing.

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