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Hiring for Personalities, the new normal!

It's truly remarkable to witness companies embracing a refreshing approach, prioritizing a candidate's potential alongside their experience. It's time for industries to revolutionize their recruitment practices and discover impactful and inclusive methods for talent identification. The advantages of fostering inclusivity extend not only to the companies themselves, but also to the individual's career prospects.

Businesses often face significant roadblocks when they cling onto the past.

In business, the past, present, and future each hold significant relevance. The past serves as a well of invaluable insight, guiding us forward in our pursuit of improvement and growth. The present is the space where decisions, both big and small, forge the path towards our envisioned future. It is crucial to remain attuned to prevailing market trends and the ever-evolving needs of consumers: doing so is imperative for achieving success. While the future may be shrouded in uncertainty, investing all our attention solely in its uncertainty begets unnecessary anxiety and hampers the present performance of businesses.

Effective execution in the present moment is paramount.

Nurturing our mental and emotional well-being holds immense significance, as it profoundly influences our physical health. Without good health, every other aspect of life is hindered from functioning optimally.

We must prioritize managing our health.

Your time!

Recognizing the power of our creativity and productivity is important, but valuing ourselves is even more impactful. The ability to appreciate our worth holds tremendous sway.

Our worth shouldn't be dictated by society's narrow perspective. It's not just about our work or the products we create. The true value lies within us, as unique individuals.

We find ourselves in the midst of a profound crisis of value.

Our rapidly changing world has left us grappling with the very understanding of what it truly means to possess worth. Amidst the endless avenues for earning and expenditure, we have grown disconnected from our fundamental nature as sentient beings.

We have developed an intense focus on productivity, efficiency, and achieving results. Our relentless pursuit of success often leads us to search for shortcuts and hacks, pushing ourselves to the brink of burnout.

Too frequently, we neglect to question the purpose behind our relentless efforts. Here's the truth: Our worth as individuals precedes any professional accomplishments. Before we can truly appreciate the significance of our work, we must prioritize nurturing ourselves.

Brunello Gianella | Intrinsic Motivation Expert

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