from the Business Agility Institute!  Co-Autor Brunello Gianella

Every business is ultimately made up of human beings – individuals acting and reacting in ways that build success or failure. This means it is people who make up the true strength (or weakness) of any company.

Having the right set of people for the enterprise, who interact in productive ways and not counterproductive ways, is mission critical. It requires building a positive culture that matches the values and goals of the company, and this in turn requires employees who work well within that culture.

This process begins with recruitment: Hiring is a key moment in constructing the culture of any organization. New employees bring their personalities, emotions, and habits with them, just as much as their skills and experience, and inevitably influence the company environment.

This  whitepaper starts from the hypothesis that purely skill-based recruitment is ineffective to build strong teams in complex and adaptive environments. We brought together a global team to examine the latest research and trends on this topic, with some fascinating findings!

In this paper, you'll learn more about:

what is means to hire for culture add, rather than culture fithow personal motivation plays into the selection processhow to define and quantify your organizational cultureLearn some of the latest recruitment practices shown to improve hiring for culture.


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