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The Power of Intrinsic Motivation

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Thank you for your interest in our work on intrinsic motivation! We have compiled the following information for you: A brief introduction The Basics The Science Literature If you deal with the topic of values | motivation | goals | emotions and individual motivation, you cannot avoid the work of Prof. Dr. Steven Reiss. He has worked very intensively on intrinsic motivation and developed the Reiss Motivation Profile®. We would like to introduce you to the basics of the Science of Motivation and provide you with enough information to enable you to assess whether and how the use of the Intrinsic Motivation makes sense in your field of activity. You will find a short introduction, in-depth information, videos, slides and more in the different chapters. You can view, print and download most of the documents. Use the comment function at the end of the content to ask us questions! I look forward to your feedback. CEO-CODE® Brunello Intrinsic Motivation Expert

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