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My Story

I have spent 40 incredible years as an independent consultant, passionately specializing in change management and strategic consulting. My purpose is to accompany individuals on their transformative journeys, unveiling their inner potential as unique beings.

Emotions, goals, and motivations lie at the heart of my work with people. Your success depends on deeply understanding and appreciating yourself and others—this enables you to channel your resources where they align the best, propelling you to success in record time.

Deep down, we all possess the qualities of a high achiever; within us lies the genetic makeup for success. Yet, a personality thrives when presented with the right environment, culture, and challenges to manifest greatness.

Nothing brings me more joy than guiding individuals towards lasting success. I firmly believe that individuality, goals, emotions, and values are integral factors that fuel triumph.

As a change advocate, I am relentless in my pursuit of progress and results. Whether in my capacity as a strategic sounding board, mentor, inspirational speaker, or angel investor, I relentlessly champion advancement.


Since 2023, I enthusiastically share daily content on social media about:

  • Intrinsic Motivation

  • Tacit Knowledge

  • Personality

  • Performance and Success

Join the journey and experience a life of unparalleled passion, purpose, and possibility.
Together, let's embark on a voyage that will shape your destiny.

Brunello Gianella

Intrinsic Motivation Expert

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Why Brunello.

"Brunello is very generous, optimistic, agile and visionary person who really thrives with challenging tasks that require the ability to overcome barriers and he enjoys leading such demanding tasks. I find his approach to challenging tasks as very stimulating and consider his empowering style to be very valuable asset"

Odd Arne Nissestad
Operational Leadership


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