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Step into a realm where four decades of leadership and innovation converge to empower you—gratis. I'm your ally in unearthing the secrets of intrinsic motivation and the transformative power of emotional awareness.

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Intrinsic Motivation is the Fuel to Your Greatest Achievements Intrinsic Motivation is the Fuel to Your Greatest Achievements

Our personality traits, steadfast and true, are the architects of our motivation. By understanding them, we align our lives with our natural strengths, fostering enduring performance and warding off burnout. Within each of us is the blueprint for success, waiting for the right conditions to thrive.

“The things that make me different are the things that make me.”

Winnie the pooh, BY A.A Milne

Unleashing Your Inner Architect

Our personalities are the blueprints of our intrinsic motivations, etched with traits that follow our inner driver like the pursuit of order, power, curiosity, community, and acceptance. These traits, consistent over time, are the scaffolding of our values and inclinations, influencing our motivation profoundly. Grasping the contours of our personality allows us to tailor our objectives and endeavors to our innate propensities, ensuring enduring vigor and safeguarding against burnout. Each of us harbors the seeds of excellence; success is coded into our very essence. Yet, it's the fertile ground of the right environment and challenges that nurture a personality to its full, magnificent potential.


Intrinsic motivation is the silent force that propels some to thrive against all odds. It's about finding what truly ignites your spirit and channeling it into life's battles. Unique in every individual, this inner drive is the cornerstone of true achievement and well-being.

"Only the innermost motivation of a person has a direct influence on his willingness and ability to perform!"

Brunello Gianella

The Wellspring of Will

Ever pondered why some individuals seem to dance through storms while others falter? The secret is intrinsic motivation. It's the spark born from aligning with our authentic selves—our passions, our goals, our values—that fuels our journey through thick and thin. This isn't a contest of might or mind, but a quest for what stirs our soul. It's a personal odyssey, distinct and diverse, yet intrinsic motivation is the universal key to unlocking our potential. It's a dynamic force, sculpting our actions, molding our perspectives, and crucially influencing our happiness and health. With intrinsic motivation, every path holds the promise of greatness.

Intrinsic Motivation

With four decades of transformational expertise and a strong dedication to supporting individuals, I proudly share my invaluable knowledge.



To inspire and empower others to triumph in these exhilarating times. Together, we'll navigate the path to success!

Call to action

Success resides within each of us, and the journey towards it is shaped by the emotions fueled by our unique personality traits. Embrace your inner strength, unleash your potential, and pave the way to an extraordinary future! You have what it takes to make it happen.

Brunello Gianella

Ein Bild von Brunello Gianella, Intrinsic Motivation expert

Emotions are our inner compass, guiding our future actions with the force of our truest desires. They shape our work, our connections, and our triumphs. Acknowledge them, and we unlock a dialogue with our goals, aligning our deepest values with our highest aims.

"The essential difference between emotion and reason is that emotion leads to action while reason leads to conclusions.”

Donald Caine

The Heart's Compass

Emotions are not mere background noise; they are the siren songs of our deepest desires, pivotal in steering our future actions. They pulse through us, not at random, but as vital signs of what matters to us profoundly. As artisans of our own lives, we can no more mute our emotions than we can cease the beat of our hearts when facing what truly counts. They are the unspoken language of our intrinsic drive, shaping how we immerse ourselves in our endeavors, connect with our peers, and conquer the peaks and troughs of our professional journeys. It's a fundamental truth: our passions kindle our pursuits. By acknowledging our emotions, we aren't just admitting to feelings—we're engaging in a powerful conversation about the very forces that propel us forward: our goals. This, indeed, is the crux—emotions must be laid bare, dissected on the table of discourse, to synchronize our deepest values with our loftiest ambitions.


Tacit knowledge is our unvoiced expertise, honed through experience and intuition. It's the unsung hero of decision-making, the intuitive guide in our professional journey, invaluable and inarticulate.

“Tacit Knowledge is what we know, but can’t explain” Michael Polany

Unspolen Mastery

Tacit knowledge is the silent sage within us, an elusive treasure trove of wisdom gained not by words but through the living tapestry of our experiences. It's the intuitive grasp, the learned instinct, the expert insight shaped by the subtle nuances of our unique journey. This is the wisdom that whispers its guidance in every decision, the mastery that guides our steps with the quiet confidence of the unspoken. It's not merely knowledge; it's the profound understanding that orchestrates our actions with ineffable skill.

Tacit Knowledge

Alain Visser, CEO Link

Very charismatic and inspirational leader who doesn’t just preach from the theory but whose knowledge and experience is based on many years of working in and with operational organisations.

Alain Visser | CEO Link & Co.

Ursula Wagner, CEO CCB Berlin

I have known Brunello Gianella for over 15 years. His professionalism, creativity and unbridled joy of discovery make every project unique. We have worked with Brunello in the area of personality profile training and this has also convinced our demanding participants. Whatever Brunello Gianella starts - you can be excited and look forward to it!

Ursula Wagner PhD, CEO CCB

Evan Leybourn, CEO BAI

I have had the honour of collaborating with Brunello on a series of research studies over the last two years. He is one of those rare people that brings with both a deep thought-leadership in business agility and the ability to communicate these complex concepts very clearly. We have been lucky to work with him and I look forward to continuing to do so.

Evan Leybourn, CEO BAI

Johannes Ehrhardt, CEO bluquist

Brunello Gianella excels through his ability to combine critical elements for success when new opportunities or challenges arise in business. He carefully considers human traits, business requirements and most importantly what makes sense at any given moment to bring real solutions for problems. He is extensively experienced in handling dire, pressing situations and understands how to treat people uniquely based on the situation they are currently in. His acumen of sales, business, human psychology, project management, executive advisory is at principal level. I had always a valuable time working with him. Kudos!

Johannes Ehrhardt, CEO bluquist

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